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VPCA minutes

June 15, 2005


The meeting was called to order by Charles Thomas, Acting Chairman. Twenty-four residents and guests were in attendance.  Charles asked that all attendees who had voted to ratify the charter during the June 1 meeting sign an addendum sheet to the Charter as documentation of the vote.  Following the announcement, nominations for the officers’ positions were reviewed.


The qualifying nominations for officers were:

President:                                 Charles Thomas III

Vice President:                         Erica McVey

Recording Secretary:                Raquel Brewer

Corresponding Secretary:         Taiwanda Wilson

Treasurer:                                 Sharon Kubiak


One nominee for Vice President was invalidated because the individual was also a member of the nominating committee, which is not allowed by the Charter.  All of the qualifying nominees listed above were unanimously voted into office.


The newly-elected President then indicated that the next challenge for the VPCA was to complete the federal “Not For Profit” and state “Tax Exempt Organization” filings..


Tom Harvst asked about the status of the Roma Bank checking account remaining from the previous VPCA.  Sharon Kubiak was asked to check this status as our new Treasurer


Sister Ruth suggested setting up a regular schedule for VPCA meetings – all members attending were again asked to bring neighbors, and to ask if Wednesday nights are OK for the majority of Villa Park residents.


Catherine Rossi suggested the VPCA send a letter to St. Anthony’s thanking them for the use of the meeting space.  Charles Thomas asked Taiwanda Wilson to draft a letter.  Charles also mentioned that he had previously sent a letter to the Knights of Columbus thanking them for the use of their building, as well.


The next meeting will be on July 13, at 6:30pm, in St. Anthony's basement.    Attendees are welcome to bring snacks or munchies for the group to enjoy.


Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Harvst